Oklahoma SGMP


Budget and Finance
Chair: Taylor Mauldin Wagner, 
Responsible for maintaining budget, bank statements, tax reports and other tax information as necessary. The treasurer staffs the registration table to receive monthly meeting fees from members. The treasurer shall submit appropriate records to National Headquarters as required.

Chair: Stacy Payne, stacy.payne@okstate.edu 
Publishes the Chapter newsletter, which includes the solicitation of articles, layout and design, publication and distribution. The committee is responsible for all content on chapter website, including but not limited to, meeting schedules, archives, and advertising.

Community Service
Chair: Krista Huges, KristaHughes@skirvinhilton.com                                                                                                                                   Develops and implements community service projects, which are carried out by the Chapter membership throughout the year.

Chair: Piper Wofford, piper.wofford@ohospitalitymanagement.com
Responsible for meeting and greeting members and guests at each chapter meeting, soliciting door prizes for each monthly meeting and send a thank you card for those who donate gifts, maintaining Chapter PowerPoint for each monthly luncheon meeting, and maintaining spreadsheet of monthly door prize donors.

Chair: Stacy Payne, stacy.payne@okstate.edu
Responsible for regular communications and notifications to the chapter membership for monthly luncheons, special events, and other chapter events.

Membership                                                                                                                                                                                                               Chair: Marlene Livaudais, marlenelivaudais@visittulsa.com                                                                                                                             Develops, promotes, and maintains the chapter membership. The committee registers members and guests at all official functions and maintains membership database and revisions on a monthly basis. 

Nominations & Elections
Chair: Alice Moore, CGMP ammoore@ou.edu
Oversees the nominations and elections process.

Programs & Education                                                                                                                                                                                              Chair: Allison Woodard, Allison.Woodard@odmhsas.org
Arranges meeting sites, speakers and programs for the regular monthly luncheons and acts as the liaison to the speaker for any audio/visual equipment requested and the host properties. Also serves as Chapter Liaison for the Chapter Government Meeting Specialist certificate.

Chair: Taylor Mauldin Wagner, taylor@visitnorman.com 
Consists of Chapter Board members and Committee Chairs. Updates the scholarship guidelines and distribute to all chapter members at least three months prior to NEC and PIE.

Special Projects
Chair:  (Vacant)
Responsible for planning special activities to raise funds for scholarships to enable Chapter members to attend the NEC (National Education Conference) and Partner’s In Education (PIE). Also responsible for the holiday gala, silent auction, installation of officers and awards ceremony.

Special Recognition
Chair: Piper Wofford,  piper.wofford@ohospitalitymanagement.com                                                                                                                      Responsible for recognizing members nominated for the Chapter Shining Star Award who volunteer time and energy to the Chapter.  Coordinates with host property logistics for Annual Supplier Appreciation and Awards Banquet in June of each year.

Do you want to serve the
Oklahoma Chapter, but don’t know what to do? Check out the list of the chapter’s committees and description of each.

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, contact the committee chair.


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